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錨點 1

b. 2000, Yantai, CN

Base in Hong Kong, CN

Cloris He’s artistic practices focus on utilizing silicone as the main material to develop both sculpture and media artworks. Through the hybridity of humanity and artificiality, she discusses human identity within the realm of anthropocentrism and posthumanism. Based on the uncanny valley theory, which was introduced by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori as a hypothesis of a human’s emotional reaction to the resemblance between objects and human beings, her artworks attempt to form a sense of “strange familiarity” with a mixture of mystery and horror. Undermining the exceptionalism of human beings, Cloris believes the new perception she forged on human ideologies by constructing human-like objects can shed light on the reflection of human supremacy.


2019 - 2023  Hong Kong Baptist University

                         BA in Academy of Visual Arts

Selected Group Shows

2023   Art Futures 2023

             Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University,                  art-at-all, IAE , Hong Kong, CN

2023   Sorry, I want to leave the archipelago

             Star Fragments, Hong Kong, CN

2023   Movement

             Asian Contemporary Artists Alliance, Online

2021    AVA for all

             Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, CN

2021    Make It Work Charity Art Auction

             Make It Work HK, Hong Kong, CN


"Simon Suen Foundation / Sun Museum" Art Futures — Hong Kong Prize 2023

HKBU BA Grad Show 2023 Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Awards

HKSAR Government Reaching Out Award

Padma & Hari Harilela Scholarship Fund for Outstanding Students

HKSAR Talent Development Scholarship

Mr Wong Kwok Shuen Memorial Scholarship 

Hong Kong, China-Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Scholarship 

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