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Video, Color, Sound

Posthumanism emphasizes the feedback loop between man and machine, between inner spirit and external devices. By transforming the invisible human identity into visible silicone masks, this project depicts the subtle effects of overusing technology on human identity and the opposition towards total disembodiment.

3D scanning and 3D printing technologies are used to create silicone masks of the artist. Through the repetitive action of cutting off connections between the silicone net and the artist's body as well as within the silicone net, the programmed robotic arm Is gradually destroying the feedback loop between the physical body and the spirits of human beings. 

The hypothesis of prosthetics leads to a heated discourse on disembodiment. Nevertheless, without the presence of the physical body, the identity visualized by the silicone net is merely inanimate and invisible elements. The external device (the body) and the inner spirit (identity) matter equally. Therefore, I oppose the agreement of total disembodiment. However, it is admitted that partial disembodiment could become a trend with the development of technology. 

What is human's identity in the posthuman era?

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